Computer repair and training in Northern Colorado

We believe in user education empowerment privacy freedom

We believe in user empowerment

Say farewell to fix-and-dash computer repair. No more wondering what the technician is up to.
We’ll tell you why it broke, and show you how to prevent or fix it in the future.
Pull up a chair. Time to get to learning.

Featured Services

Virus Removal

Remove harmful software and secure your PC

Computer Repair

Fix errors, crashes, and performance issues

Wireless Network Install

Install a new Wireless Router

Business Services

We offer a wide variety of computer repair services for Fort Collins businesses, as well as additional services to help you establish a professional presence online and connect your various business systems.

Why Kaleidocope Systems?



We take your data seriously. From our own business practices to user education, we seek to honor your privacy.
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We license content, including this website, under CC-BY-SA. We also help you use Free Software and Open Source Hardware that respects user freedom.



We provide as much detail as desired about your computer repair and provide guidance about computing best practices. Training services also available!



No surprise charges, and you'll never pay for unsolved issues.

All the fish, big or small

From quick fixes to in-depth training, we do it all